this is how a song gets written by one chiqui pineda

this is how a song gets written

i’m high on pure adrenaline!  and the reason for this rush is because there’s a ton of it pumping in my veins from hearing the professionally arranged version of a song called “Borrowed Time” a song i wrote last month! wait…excuse me for a sec while i…


ha!  ok, now that i got that out of my system…

it all began in a private group i started on Facebook called Inarté.  actually, it started in my old, beat up Land Rover, last winter, on the way to the gym when the gym-going was still possible. anyway, i digress. (focus, chiqui, focus.)  so, on the way, i heard a bidding from a Voice that said that i must (not perhaps, not maybe…MUST.  aba, demanding?!)

as i was saying, i must start a writers’ group within that group i mentioned above. to have the moms/sisters/caregivers share stories, incognito, about Life Stuff/Kwentong Buhay, you know, the ones we don’t share on our shiny front pages because we’re either ashamed of them or just plain too mortified to do so.  interesting thing is this stuff, we all go through it in one way or another.  also, the sharing of this stuff makes us feel better.  but, that’s a tale for another time.  back to the main story…

so, to the Voice, i said “Yes.”  i always do.  in all my years, i’ve finally discovered that when i don’t, i get into a lot of trouble.  didn’t stop me from procrastinating though.  remember, that was winter.  i finally got 8 out of the 10 that was to be formed for the group of writers (aptly called Inar10) Springtime of this year.

gear-up.  ready, GO, set! mode na me.  i asked one mom-friend who’s already a seasoned blogger first. she, thank goodness this brave soul loves writing already, said yes. then another one, a lawyer, albeit hesitant at first kasi busy, but said yes, too. and another, an home executive 😉 with a flair for writing, said Yes-But.  there was hesitation because-because (i’m not a writer. i don’t know what to write about. i’m not sure…), really, because of fear. but then, when she chose to share her story…kaBOOM. it hit hard and rang true and connected with so many of us.  definitely made me feel less alone in this journey to wholeness.

long-backstory-short, one story stood out for me.  i don’t know how it happened exactly but you know how it goes when the time is right.  a wruddy sent me quirky artists one morning singing their quirky songs, one Inar10 writer shared a story that didn’t leave me alone, and one Yamaha electric piano calling my name one late, rainy evening in august and Tadah!  a song was born, lyrics plugged in the next day while sitting alone in the middle of a busy Starbucks inside one of my favorite place on earth.

this is why i love this thing, this magic process called creation. from nothing to something. but then again, it’s never really “nothing” because, as a favourite author says, when you imagine a box, eyes closed and imagine you opening it and what do you see? there’s always something.

Along with one LoveLikeWeDo on our Inarté Group on Facebook ~

And together with one super talented, generous, cute and cuddly to one SG ;), a master arranger who at 25 is still a kid but is  so  good at his craft I am in awe everytime he  does his thing: Jokko Peña, for sprinkling your brand of magic all over my humble story-in-song, SALAMAT.  Maraming salamat, Jokkolabs!

Here it that something, without further ado-do-be-do-bee-do…

And the very raw version here, too!  Just so you can see how it goes from barok to PATOK!

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Thank you for keeping me company on this journey to 100im.perfect.songs and here’s to Courage in Creativity, always and ALL ways!



Borrowed Time, Version 3.0

Composer: Chiqui Pineda, Ms. LLWD

Musical Arranger: Jokko Peña

I’ve got paper and my piano
I write to light but see the shadows, oh…
She tells me of her endless sorrows
And how she knows her time is borrowed,

I’ve got some paper, cups of coffee
I see her tears and It’s so hard. she tells me
I listen with a heart that’s open
I hear because I, too, am broken

To be in love with yours is easy
To have to love another, that’s when it gets crazy
But you made a vow
You made a vow
What are you gonna do now

Be fair, she wants to be, she’s got to be fair
She tells me that she needs to share
This love and life, this rollercoaster ride
Of missed Valentines
Learn to read between the lines

Be fair, she wants to be, she’s gotta be fair
She tells me that she needs to care enough to fight
Turn this dark to Light
Promises unspoken
Tender words lost and forgotten

I’ve got some paper and her story
One brave heart in all its glory
Her words are hers but the pain is mine
Because like her I’m living on borrowed time

Moving to the rhythm and the rhyme of borrowed time…

2 thoughts on “this is how a song gets written by one chiqui pineda

  1. Seriously, this song is playing in my head for days now. {Be Fair Be Fair…} The lyrics and the melody are both very catchy…Ayayay, I am hooked, Potskiko <3. Hit na siya sa radio ko. I look forward to it published in iTUNES!
    Me silbi pala ang quirky shares ng wruddy mo….hmmm may I share more quirkiness…{OKLangba?}

    Love and Like like a dog…then blog about it!

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