Day 30 | My Writing Buddyship


My Journal, 1998

It is Day 30. 

Quite a journey this has been. I stop and take stock. Thirty days of blogging that started here.  My most consistent and successful run so far in this writing life.

So what have I learned in the last 30 days of blogging with my wruddy*, Charina:

1) I now get the full bodied wisdom behind Natalie Goldberg’s #1 rule of writing: Keep your hand moving. In writing into my journals, this is easier. But with a buddy who I know will be reading what I’m writing, there was a bit more resistance. When I resist, the writing is tight. Stunted. Pilit. So I let the caps go, write a la e.e.cummings, forget the rules and just keep it moving.  The ground gets moist and the fresh green shoots of word after word, story forming story happens.

2) I learned that you do not give up on finding a writing buddy. I’ve made several attempts in the past with some closest and dearest. Somehow the schedules didn’t match, the vibe doesn’t jive and plain and simple, it’s just not meant to be. But something in me kept pushing for finding the one. Thanks, Cha, for saying yes to my very informal yet just as heartfelt invitation to join me in this writing journey. The benefits of having a writing buddy that became an ally and sister and mentor and student and teacher and guardian angel all rolled into one is a gift beyond measure!

3) There’s just no way around it: We are better together!  Worthwhile endeavors, be it learning a new language, running a marathon, starting an exercise program, climbing mountains, and yes, getting your writing muscles better and stronger and tougher, they’re just much, much better when done with someone whose company you enjoy.  Connect-connect-connect!

4) Energy is precious. I give it and get it and give it back out again. I once had somebody mentor me in my bid for better writing. Allison whose writing I fell in love with back mid-2000 held my hand when I was so unsure of how to get started in this writing life that I so wanted to be living. It gives me so much pleasure to know that I’ve paid it forward.

5) Writing is easy. Blogging is difficult. It will stay difficult, yes, even with a buddy. The reason for this is the ‘shipping’ part. So I agree with what Charina reminds me about addressing-one. It is the sacred rule of writing. Stephen King speaks about it in his book On Writing. Mr. King has chosen his wife, Tabitha as his One Reader. Teacher Nat has mentioned it a few times, too.

“Making your unknown known is the important thing.”

I will stop talking now and allow my very dear and generous Wruddy’s writing to shine here.

Presenting my Wruddy, Charina, and her Day 29 Post – The Importance Of A Writing Buddy

Kat became my key. There I was just quietly existing, then Kat came along and “discovered” me. To this day, I don’t really know exactly what she found in me. Oh there were many connections. (I’ll attempt to write about every single one of them that I know of in a separate post.) You see, Kat has the gift to “see” raw talent or skill in someone. She discovers “everyday magic”, then proceeds to find just the right key to give that person flight. She has the ability to tweak, do small adjustments, the right words of encouragement. She describes my writing as luminous, impeccable, and rich. She made me jump off the cliff and into “honest, no apologies, vulnerable” kind of writing.” ~ Charina “My Wruddy” Giron

I am honored. Beyond words very honored by this and so darn proud of you, Pokski.  

There’s still so much to learn and teach and feel and express, so much life to live!  As Charina’s tag line goes “Never stop exploring.”  I believe this with all my heart.

Thank you for practicing Courage in Creativity with me this merry month of May…and beyond!

I hope to continue next month, June, with a new journey: 30 Days of Stories in Music and Photos.  Simply put, I’ll be posting one song today and then a photo the next.

Join me, will you?  I’m still trying to convince my wruddy to continue, too!


Journaling in Paris, 1995

*wruddy = writing buddy

2 thoughts on “Day 30 | My Writing Buddyship

  1. "Courage in Creativity"… I certainly had that didn't I? I just wanted you to be proud of your student, Chi-Key.I bow like a ninja, to my sensei.

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