Day1/31 | Entry Way To July


So here we are!
Brand new blog home*, brand new month, brand new post.

We’re at the halfway point of another year and maaan (or womaaaan :)), this one went by so fast!  For me, more like a really fast rollercoaster ride, too!

I’m borrowing a page from a most delightful book, The Awe-manac where author, Jill Badonsky shares an invitation ~

Take a moment and reflect on the first half with light fascination. (…light like angel food cake!)

What were your highlights?  

What things are you glad you did?  

What worked for you?

What small moments brought you delight?

What made you laugh?

Who did you connect with?

Were did you leave your glasses?

Ask these questions for the rest of the year:

In what small way can I pay attention to small delights?

How can I be a little kinder to myself?

Can I give myself permission to have more fun and less pressure?

How can I remember to sing in the shower?

The First-half Highlights for me are the arrival of two babies – my niece, Ava and my nephew, Yosef; the graduation^ of my girl from Grade 5;  being featured in a nationally syndicated daily publication for my work in photography; being offered a book publishing deal and concerts – one here in Toronto and another in the Philippines; finally finding a writing buddy with whom to share my daily wruddies…oh, there’s so many now that I think about them.  And isn’t that the secret to a delight*full life, thinking about the light stuff more and more?!

Here’s to another delight*filled second-half of 2013, dear ones!

I leave you with this quote from one creative great, Twyla Tharp who says ~

“Art is the only way to run away without leaving home.”

Always at home,


*With many hugs and thanks to my Wruddy, Charina Giron, for helping me set this WordPress blog!  Thanks, Pokski.

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