About Me

My name is Chiqui*Kat.

Welcome to my new blog home, WordPress 2013 edition!
My name’s Chiqui.  Or Kat.  I’m a wife, mom, singer/performer.
I’m also a photographer and a mentor to closeted artists all over.

I write to connect with others, with myself.
I write to wake up. So I can sleep better.
I write to face the monsters within and begin to understand, a little more everyday.
I write to see, really see what’s behind the veil.
I write to entertain, to educate with the deep desire to inspire others
to begin their own journey into seeing and being and loving.

You can listen to my songs at: SOUNDCLOUD/Chiqui Pineda

4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. might i add… you’re also one of the sweetest, most wonderful person I could ever have the good fortune to meet and befriend. love you love you!!!

    1. Ms E, Maraming salamat kapatid!;* 😘 Napakabuti mong mentor na, amiga pa! Finally figured out how to read + reply to comments here….hello! xox

      1. Hey sweetie pie! Namula naman ako sa mentor chorva. Ahaha! Basta we’re each other’s pulis and spirit guide. Loveya much! Mmwwwaaahhh!!!

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