About Me

My name is Chiqui*Kat.

Welcome to my new blog home, WordPress 2013 edition!
My name’s Chiqui.  Or Kat.  I’m a wife, mom, singer/performer.
I’m also a photographer and a mentor to closeted artists all over.

I write to connect with others, with myself.
I write to wake up. So I can sleep better.
I write to face the monsters within and begin to understand, a little more everyday.
I write to see, really see what’s behind the veil.
I write to entertain, to educate with the deep desire to inspire others
to begin their own journey into seeing and being and loving.

You can listen to my songs at: SOUNDCLOUD/Chiqui Pineda


4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. might i add… you’re also one of the sweetest, most wonderful person I could ever have the good fortune to meet and befriend. love you love you!!!

      1. Hey sweetie pie! Namula naman ako sa mentor chorva. Ahaha! Basta we’re each other’s pulis and spirit guide. Loveya much! Mmwwwaaahhh!!!

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