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Day 15: 5ive in ONE


Dearest Reader, 

I failed chose not to¬†publish the past couple of days but continued to write wherever/whenever I could, groggy¬†in bed most of the time, addressing the pieces to my ever-patient writing buddy who put up with all my unbridled¬†existential¬†angst. (Erm, that was one of the conditions of the wruddyship, by the way. ¬†I suspect that the exchange of the past few days is making her think twice!) ¬†I followed my own rules of writing practice and stuck it out with “keeping the pen moving, no editing, just let it rip!” with the Wruddy. ¬†For the purposes of this PG-13 blog, I edited out the cussing. :p¬† Below is joy*full proof that¬†Crappy To Happy way is still very much alive and well in these parts! ~ CP

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Day 10 *insert brown gloppy emoticon with eyes here*

Today I feel like cr*p.

It started last Wednesday: full-on scratchy, itchy, raw throat, lead-head and achy jello-like body which almost make me not want to continue with cr*p course.  I still did my exam at 1-3 pm in the afternoon today.  By 4pm, post exam, I felt the full on flu-like symptoms.

So I’ll stop right here.  Besides, typing on an iPhone at 1:52am trying to catch up to the dailies is beginning to feel rather pathetic.  On top of feeling like sh*t, and as hippie Steve, the oldest student in the class said today because the review was going on for too long:

“This can’t be good for the chi, man!”

I will spare yours and mine this heaviness for now.

Goodnight from my flu-ish quarters.

Tomorrow’s going to be better! *fingers crossed*

Day 9 | Dearest Mom | a mamay’s day special short feature

The Pineda Family, Circa 1975
I know I don’t say it often enough, Mamay, but I think it every single day. 

I think and feel it when I tuck them in at night with chapter 3 of the book of the month, right now it is Jonathan Livingston Seagull, or when giving yet another hug or in freshening up the 7th cool compress on a feverish child; when all I really want to do is just crawl into my own bed and sleep for an entire week; when I have to do yet another chore on already overflowing to-do list, when I put up with yet another kid’s tantrum or tween angst topped with a “No, Mom, please stop hugging/kissing/making gigil on me because it’s embarrassing!” Deep little pinches that make me think, what is this all for and about again? These are the times that I think of how you have given me, given us your four kids so much of yourself. This is when the answer comes shining through, the clear purpose of motherhood for me: This is my way of thanking my mom, for giving back and showing her and myself and my God how truly grateful I am for having a mom who gave us herself, her all, her heart and soul. 

Happy Mother’s Day to the most loving and absolutely beautiful mom in the world for me! I love you and miss you so much, Mamay. 
My mom in high school, 1960

Love, your eldest and favorite absentee daughter, Chiqui

Day 8 | 7 Ways To Help Stay Creative Daily | My Personal Practice

Day 4, AtriaII, Toronto

[This post covers Days 8 + 9; wrote the draft on one day and edited the next.]

I’m writing this post on the go. I’m sitting here in the Treats cafeteria on the ground floor of the AtriaII, having left the Intro to the Canadian Mortgage Industry class a bit earlier. I stepped out fifteen minutes before break time so I can write¬†at least a quick draft to this post.

Choices, creative choices. I’ve said it many times and I will say it again :¬†¬†Creativity is a choice. It isn’t easy. It never is. Like right now. The more obvious choice, at best, is to study for tomorrow’s exam. Or at my lazy worse, watch Louis CK or Bill Burr on Netflix. ¬†But as with the most vital things in our lives – where to live, who to love, how to feel, I get to choose.

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