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Day 25 | for the queens in my life

©KatShots | Queens Park: Blur | iPhoneography
I’ve got nothing for you today.  
Nothing note-worthy.
There’s just too many moving parts.  
Too tired.  
Too much.
To do.
I’ve got nothing for you today.  I think.
But Elizabeth Gilbert of the Eat.Pray.Love fame and the Ideas At The (Sydney Opera) House) does:  
“Women are very hard on themselves and I feel my message is to constantly remind them to relax that grip a bit.” 
©KatShots | Queens Park: Clear | iPhoneography

Courage in creativity (and relaxing the grip),


Song 23/100: a chill pill kind of song for you

Last night, I fell in love. 

I fell in love with a song that isn’t even new, one that I’ve heard many times in the past but hardly paid much attention to.

Until last night, surfing SoundCloud for inspiration, I made a new discovery.  A cool yet warm-like-red-wine velvety-voiced lady who goes by the name of Runt/Runtlalala covered Don’t Know Why by Norah Jones on and kaBOOM!  I was head over heels.

So after listening to Runt’s delicious version, I, of course wanted to try it on for size.  I got stuck in studio for two hours just singing it over and over and about three or four or five takes later – not so much perfecting but simply enjoying the simple melody that eased into line after line, the gentle and melancholy relatable words…I could go on but I won’t….and a couple hours later I had Song #23 of the 100im.perfect.songs project in the can!  Yay.

I’ve been dreaming of getting back with it for a few months now.  The 100songs project started about two years ago and it’s pathetic that I’m not moving forward with it as flowingly as I want.  But, as you already know with this Inartesta, I’m a wimp against the dark arts of the monsters de resistance.

Not last night, though.  Last night I was on fight mode.

Maybe it’s the Chinese New Year dragons of fierceness.  Maybe it’s the extra cup of Cafe Lungo I decided to have after dinner because I wanted to be up for writing and creating.  But until after I recorded my 89th attempt at Aerosmith’s I Don’t Wanna Change A Thing (which isn’t happening for some reason) I cozied up to Norah Jones instead.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.  I still do.  I’m listening to it as I’m writing this. ^_^  Can you tell I love me some 100 songs time?

Because it’s time. 😉

I’d love if you leave a comment or two and share the project with others who you think will like listening to one Inartesta’s musings on music and creativity and above all, the love for everything Inarté.

Courage in creativity,
Chiqui Pineda
Toronto, ON

Here’s to the real you

I love that. I love anything that reminds me that I have permission to mess up and I always love a good Go Ahead And Mess Things Up permission slip from hot mama Danielle. 
Today is not going to be about mess-ups, no ma’am, because today, we’re talking about Jian.

I listen to Q with Jian Gomeshi almost everyday, 99.1FM on the car radio on my way home from the gym.  My husband, Jack, knows that I have a big crush on this guy’s voice and over all talent.  The smart brain behind the soothing sexy voice is a turn on, he’s got this velvety, mellow tone and bonus points for him being funny and witty and cute! 
He does get a mood going some days and I catch that. (You should see this one interview with funnyman Russell Peters where I thought at some point they were going to slug it out right there on the screen…so much tension and undercurrent and testosterone. Whew!  Or maybe that’s just me.  *wishful thinking?*) But, see, I respect him more for being authentic about it. Done are the days of the automaton announcer with the agreeable, bobbing head and monotone voice, thank you very much.
Anyhoo, Jian and I – yes, we are on a first name basis and when he interviews me on the show someday I will gush about this again – have lots in common.  Well, sorta.  We’re both immigrants.   His parents are Iranian and they moved here to Toronto from London.  My parents are Filipino and although they didn’t move here, I did along with my husband and kid.  We both love music and the details behind the songs (rock for him, classical and pop for me) and most importantly, we both think that perfection is overrated.   (I can’t wait to tell him about my 100im.perfect.songs project!  One day…one day soon!:)) 
The last bit about perfection made official my Crush Connection with my Radio Romeo. On this short, barely four minute blog, he shares his opinion on how Beyoncé unnecessarily (allegedly) lip-synched the National Anthem during President Barack’s Inauguration and in his words (Jian’s, not President Barack’s) ~
We’re obsessed with perfection…the quest for perfection pervades nearly every aspect of our lives…and yet perfection does not reflect the natural state of things. Imperfection is the far more common condition…and possibly, the more attractive disposition. But we’re frightened of our flaws, of the very thing that make us human. But, hey, wouldn’t it be okay to hear a bit of a blue note, or a little waver at the towering crescendo of the Star Spangled Banner and a few less meticulously tuned vocal gymnastics….”

Gush. I love a guy who is a manly man (I think?) yet can shift to a heart-centered, more emo*full state in the same breath.  Now, now, notice how Jian takes a breath in the oddest yet cutest points in his sentences?! *more swooons*  

See, here’s what I’m saying ~
The old stereotypes are now broken, thank You, God. The mainstream media is now beginning to embrace imperfection more and more. The old standard pitch-perfect, glitch-free, Simon Cowell approved renditions of songs is no longer the only preference (As long as you don’t sound like Russell Crowe in Les Mis, that is!) and the macho man persona is dead. Hallelujah! I’ve been praying for that one for decades!

With authenticity as the new cool and passionate enthusiasm, the new hip, I believe we are coming into heaven on earth and the whole End of the World (as we know it) circa 2012 could have been the best thing that ever happened to our species of late!
And with a few more words from my cutie pie, Jianiepie, before I go ~ 
“Here’s to imperfection. To the flaw that makes things beautiful. To the magic that comes from the unexpected…”
An imperfect macro shot of a perfect pink rose that sits on top of our kitchen table.
Just for you!
Here’s to the real YOU,
DailyTruthBombs are owned by Danielle LaPorte.
Q with Jian Gomeshi rights owned by CBC Radio, 99.1FM, Toronto.

020/100: the sweetest days

  020/100: the sweetest days i’ve found with you by chiquipineda 

Through the Years” 
Written by Steve Dorff and Marty Panzer
Original Recording by Kenny Rogers.
Minus One Produced by Star Records for Charice “My Inspiration” Album

No infringement intended.
Please support the original artists.

Dedication : For Cora and Bert Pineda, just because.

Welcome to Song #20 of the 100i.m.perfect songs project!!!  My 20th recording!  YAY, ME.  And on to the good stuff ~

This song happens to be my mom and dad’s theme song!  Sweet noh?  Married forty five (forty six?) years now.  Feel na feel nila yan – every word, every sentiment.  Kwento daw ng love story nila.

Makes me smile to think about my parents’ love story.  You know how when you get to a certain age and you realize that everything…well, almost everything your mom and dad told you (especially the stuff you rolled your eyes over) was true?  I get it now.  Well, most of it.  Now the smile is a big laugh when I think about how the kids are towards me and J.  And they’re not even teenagers yet!  The other day, I was helping my girl O with her guest list for her birthday celebration.  After calling everyone on her list, I said to her “Honey, make sure to follow-up on those who we only left voice messages to, okay?”  “Okay, Mommy.” my 8-going-on-9 sweetheart says.  Then I added “On those ‘follow-ups’, put an F and a U next to their names.  So you remember…F/U for follow-up.”  She starts giggling.  I smiled and asked her “What’s funny, bella?”  She looks at me and says “Mommy, you said the F.U. words!”   At first I didn’t get it.  Then it slowly becomes clear to me how my innocent little girl is now in school and exposed to all this.  Sigh.

I’m so grateful for my folks, my “Mamay and Daday”, for being the best teachers I could ever have.  Admittedly, I didn’t always feel this way.  I was very head-strong as a young adult and that made for a whole lot of interesting exchanges between my very strict and conservative mother and me.  Dad was more easy-going with rules but a strict organizer/time-manager.  But that’s a story for another time!

Let’s go back to the Love Story of Mom and Dad Here’s proof-in-photos.  May they continue to be each other’s best ally and wisest teacher and may their love continue to grow stronger every day!

I love you, Mamay and Daday.  Missing you.


 Mom and Dad, Baguio, 1966
Boracay, 2004
Edsa Shang, 2006


018/100: make a wish…bilis, bilis! :)

Grown-Up Xmas List for the 100im.perfect.songs project
by Chiqui Pineda-Azimi
David Foster (music) and Linda Thompson-Jenner (lyrics)
No infringement intended.
Please support the original artists.

  018/100: Grown Up Xmas List by chiquipineda

Trying to bring the holiday spirit in early.  The cold, cloudy, sun-less days are bringing me down…down…down.   Lowbatt.  Mojoless.  Tamaditis. 

Imagining sunny beaches and white sands, all the fresh seafood you can eat – make mine grilled prawns please! – and my whole family happy, healthy and hollering “Cheers!  Cheers!” every five minutes.

Sigh.  My grown-up Christmas list is all of the above, that Energy makes a come back in my house soon and all of what David and Linda said.


Quotables for Today ~
I’ve got three for you. 😉

“Everyone has his burden. What counts is how you carry it.”
–Merle Miller

“In order to succeed, you must first be willing to fail.”Anonymous

“Keep these concepts in mind: You’ve failed many times, although you don’t remember. You fell down the first time you tried to walk. You almost drowned the first time you tried to swim. . . . Don’t worry about failure. My suggestion to each of you: Worry about the chances you miss when you don’t even try.”Sherman Finesilver 

Thanks for the website, Coach Julie!  ❤


Courage in creativity,