Singing Makes Me Happy

And sa akin lang naman talaga eh makakanta, mai-share ang mga awitin ko sa iba…yun na! Masaya na ‘ko sa karaoke-time with the klasmayts, the lunching amigas Wednesday Group, the occasional BBQ with the neighbors na mga Bisdak like me and love, ohhowtheylove to sing! 😊👍🎶💕🎶💕🎶💕

The beauty in doing what you love, I’ve learned is that when you do do it in and for itself, all good things come, like icing comes to a cake at the end of the joyful baker’s baking it. All good things come like that gentle rain after an already perfect summer’s day at the beach. All good things come like a child’s hug after your already blissful snuggle-with-a-book time with her on the couch.

I’ve always lived by Joseph Campbell’s words: Follow your bliss. There were times I’ve forgotten or got distracted by life or just downright became stubborn as a mule and didn’t listen. Those times were nothing short of depressing. Hell on earth on some days. Like pushing a boulder up a mountain.  Add rain, thunder and lightining.  And you’re naked.

There were a few years when I even decided to give it up, to give in to a beloved’s request. I went against my personal values – to express and share one’s gifts – and turned my faith over to her idea of keeping the peace.

What about my peace?!? I gave that up believing, at that time, that it was best for everyone. I know now never ever to do that. Turning your power over to somebody will never bring any positive results. Also, there is no such thing as “best for everyone”.  There is best for yourself and what makes you whole and this, in turn, will be the best you can share with everyone.

So I’ve come around. It took years. Why? Many reasons. But the bottomline reason, to be more accurate, the bottomline excuse was always this: I’m afraid. I feared change. I feared losing control. I feared what others will say, think, do! It was the big fear of failing at it. It was the fear of making it happen.

The last one, of all the skerdy Kat moments, is the most potent of all obstacles. Because, in my mind, if it happens, if I make it, if I succeed, all my other fears will come true: Things will change. I will lose control. People will say/think/do stuff and by stuff I mean the painful stuff because that’s just the nature of beings, particularly, hate*full-beings.

What I’ve missed looking at, until now, are these precious things: Life will change. But if the Intention was and is and always be pure – as in to create joy, to share one’s gifts, to help others – the changes will absolutely be for the better.

You will lose control because you will give the control over to God/Allah/Higher Power, the best controller of all, bar none.

As for people, well, there’s not much one can do about that. Like the kids say these days, “Haters gonna hate.”

But let’s focus on the lovers and I’m not talking Eros love here. Oh, good God in heaven…Lovers, and I mean the ones who love, support, believe in you will LOVE and continue to love in a big way, bigger than you’ve ever imagined and from places you’ve never expected it to come from!

So I sing. Finally said yes to the call to SING and share this gift with others. And more recently to make it happen in a big way and by big I mean in helping others, most especially those who are desperate for help because they’ve lost the very basic human dignities that we take forgranted here in the Americas.

So I sing. To help raise funds for churches of different denominations here in Toronto and in the U.S. Nothing big, just small gatherings of folks, mainly kababayans who simply want to reminisce and remember the good old days…always a welcome experience for us in the middle years of our blessed lives…

All these while raising a family of three young human beings together with one amazing husband who loves and supports me 100%. All these while making sure I leave a legacy, the right lessons to my very impressionable kids: Be strong and stay strong. Life will not always be easy. In fact, life is quite challenging and messy and dirty. (See kitchen sink and laundry rooms.)

It would have been great if we were given a manual for graceful and problem-free parenting or the easy-peasy way of living the diaspora life or argument-and-fight-proofing your marriage. But all that is fantasy, baby. If you want fantasy, go get a fiction book by J.K. Rowling from the library.

At the end of it all, I want my children to learn this above all things: That you go and do that which you love because what you love will be good for and to you.

It will not be easy. Do not, I repeat, do NOT take shortcuts. Observe nature and see how She does it. Be the same way with your life’s loves. This is the best way. No, this is the only way. Any other way is bogus or at the very best, temporary. (See: Lotto Winners sad stories)

Singing makes me happy.
Singing is a Love and that’s why I do it. That’s why I choose to do it.

I hope and pray you stand by your Love and do it, too.

Thank you for joining me on this page today…and I hope you join me and help to continue raising funds for our disaster-stricken countrymen in Southern Philippines.

For now, I leave you with my favorite short and sweet quote from Ms Maya Angelou:

When we know better
We do better!

Here’s to knowing and doing better and better and better!

Courage in creativity,

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