Staycation Day #12 | Chocolate Chip Banana Muffins

Chocolate Chip Banana Muffins

Things I love ~

* All this extra hours of sleep!

* Practically living in our kitchen for two weeks now.

* Baking!!! Apple fritters, apple crisps, chocolate chip oatmeal cookies, , carrot muffins with walnuts and cranberries…

* Making my own Binagoongan! It’s been a mystery – the perfect recipe, that is – for too long. Happy to
share I’ve cracked the code on that one! I’ve been handing out samples to friends.

* I’ve got goodies galore karma: freshly baked pandesal, garden-fresh kale, mint leaves and swiss chard from Jeanette and a plateful of seafood pasta from Chat and a trip to Max’s Fried Chicken, thanks to Jo-Ann who discovered the place for us.

Back to basics…Macintosh apples soaking in lemon juice and cinnamon…mmmmm! 20130714-151633.jpg


So very fresh it was still warm when it got here! From my neighbor, Jeanette’s, kitchen. 😋 20130714-152910.jpg

This new-found recipe was the kids’ fave! “Please make more!” was the chorus after they polished that bowl. 20130714-152940.jpg

Mini Cinnamon Sugar Donuts 20130714-153000.jpg

Green Tea with Fresh Mint from Net’s Garden 20130714-153030.jpg

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