Day 29 | the one where i say "holy canon camera!"

©KatShotsPhotography, 2008

Flashback: 2008

Thornhill, ON. April, 2008 :: in between the hundred and one chores and just trying to make life work, i still try my best to squeeze in the grab-camera-and-snap-away-at-the-kids routine. it’s a strong pull.  stronger than the pull to the laundry room.  i follow it because it makes me happy.  

they’re more makulit* now that they’re older.  it’s a challenge to keep them in one place.  they’re hardly stand still.  when they were babies you could just plop them down in a corner and presto…photoshoot in session! now it’s more an aerobic activity photographing them: kneel down, chase them around, holler for them to “please, guys, just stand on that spot on the big rock for one more minute…just one more photo…one more…….”.
of course it’s never just one more. and they don’t ever stand on that rock for an entire minute either.
i think it’s worth the effort. the grow so fast i can hardly keep up with the way their hands (and nails!) look. one day i was wiping the remnants of timbits off of the little guy when it suddenly hit me: those hands!  when did your hands get so much bigger?!
and i’m thinking to my self: whose hands are these and where did all the baby fat and pudgy fingers go?
snap-snap-snap-snap ::
Fast-forward: 2013

Brampton, ON. May, 2013: I am so darn grateful for following that pull.  For obeying Joseph Campbell’s words to “Follow your bliss”.  Yes, even when you can hardly keep your eyes open and your legs are cramping from chasing them around too much.

I may not be able to bring back this time but, holy canon camera, thank you!  Thank you for being there to help me capture these moments.  They give me so much joy and a gentle yet powerful reminder that “It’s all good, Mom.  It’s all good.”

This I say to you, dearest new mommy (or daddy) reading this post:  It’s all good.  There’ll be days when it feels like you just won the heavenly lotto max and then sometimes it feels like it’s all sh*t and stones.  It’s okay.  Just remember to grab that camera and keep snapping.  Yes, even the ordinary everyday moments.

Like Jojie said, Chiqui’s biggest accomplishment as a photographer is creating unforgettable pieces infused with love and spontaneity, which she refers to as Everyday Magic. Her hope is that her images will carry over through the years and invoke the same feeling when you first looked at them 20-30 years down the road.”

It isn’t 20 down the road yet, thankfully.  But the feelings I have looking at these photos right now make the burden of this day lighter.  It gives me faith in knowing that no matter what happens today, I’ll have these precious memories and will continue to make them for as long as I can.


Courage in creativity,


*makulit = rowdy

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