Day 23 | The Gigil Group | Throwback Thursday

Gigilesque #1 | 2008

Tim Horton’s

It’s Throwback Thursday and I’m jumping in.

The photos in this blogpost make me so very happy.  They’re from a time when the kids were still crazy about mommy’s big camera and her gigil kind of attention.  A time when they didn’t know words like “You can let go of my hand now, Mom.”

Just in case you’re in the same strange Tween Town or *gasp*, in the dark and often dreary Teen City.  Or perhaps barely survived it and you’d like a moment to reminisce about the good old days of Cuteness and Cuddles as I am now.  I get all teary looking at these babies of mine.  They’re growing up at warp-speed and into a different kind of species altogether.

O, 6 + J, 4 | 2008

I remember we just moved to this house then.  We’re in the master bedroom, on the big bed and trying a new remote for my Canon 40D, just hamming it up for the camera that’s standing on a tripod a few feet away.

This is why I love being a mamarazzi/photographer.  Looking at these images brings back the warm, fuzzy, tug-at-my-mommy-heart feelings.  Like Myrna said: We sometimes (many times for me!) forget the reason behind the endless lunch boxes, seemingly futile sermons from the front seat and all the driving around picking up and dropping off (not-so) little peeps.  But it’s there.  We feel it.  We know it.  Even when we sometimes forget it.
Oh, how they change!  I used to just grin and bear it when the more experienced parents used to tell me: “Enjoy it, Chiqui.  It’s going to go by so fast, you just watch.” while I complained about another bum-washing and I’m thinking to myself “It’s not going by fast enough.
Oh, how they adored my kisses and hugs so much so that one even thought I was edible!

I can only sigh my very well rehearsed mommy sigh and look just a little bit longer at precious photos just like these.

Happy Throwback Thursday, dear reader!  May we all remember to enjoy the sacred everyday of our lives.

And here’s a song by Nicole Nordeman that has saved me many, many times most especially during the most turbulent flights of life.  Thank you, Joey, for sharing this song with me.

Courage in creativity,

2 thoughts on “Day 23 | The Gigil Group | Throwback Thursday

  1. I LOVE THIS, CheekyPot. Pictures are so intimate. And the kids are….so nakakagigil nga to the MAX. Cutesy pies jud. Kalamiiiii intawon.Big Love, Your Wruddy

  2. Hay, salamat pud kaayo Wruddy Pokskie for sending me writerly energies! Once in a while, it clicks baya ha. The secret is true: Just keep the pen" moving! Swimming-swimming, Chiquining

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