Day 2 | I couldn’t resist.

I’m driving on Hillcrest Road.  It was getting busier and busier by the minute.  I just dropped my eldest son, S, to his school nearby.  But that view.  I feel the urge to stop.  But…but…the cars.  The traffic.  The chores.  The To-Do List.  But…

I couldn’t resist.

The bright sunlight.  The big blue up above.  That view of green and more green and that moving dot in the distance.  A tractor?  A watering truck?  Whatever it is, it’s working the spring fields.

I don’t know what it is about a wide expanse of green that make me all happy-happy inside.  It may be the farm girl DNA in me.  May be because my ancestors in Bataan were all farmers.  

I couldn’t resist.  A part of me wanted to.  But it was a very small part.  I chose to ignore it.  For today I allowed myself the moment…

To stop and take the shot. Sit and write the poem. Smile and take in the scent of spring.  That heady combination of fresh new life and rotting dead things. 
Take it in. 
Take a minute. 

Don’t resist it.



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