Song 23/100: a chill pill kind of song for you

Last night, I fell in love. 

I fell in love with a song that isn’t even new, one that I’ve heard many times in the past but hardly paid much attention to.

Until last night, surfing SoundCloud for inspiration, I made a new discovery.  A cool yet warm-like-red-wine velvety-voiced lady who goes by the name of Runt/Runtlalala covered Don’t Know Why by Norah Jones on and kaBOOM!  I was head over heels.

So after listening to Runt’s delicious version, I, of course wanted to try it on for size.  I got stuck in studio for two hours just singing it over and over and about three or four or five takes later – not so much perfecting but simply enjoying the simple melody that eased into line after line, the gentle and melancholy relatable words…I could go on but I won’t….and a couple hours later I had Song #23 of the 100im.perfect.songs project in the can!  Yay.

I’ve been dreaming of getting back with it for a few months now.  The 100songs project started about two years ago and it’s pathetic that I’m not moving forward with it as flowingly as I want.  But, as you already know with this Inartesta, I’m a wimp against the dark arts of the monsters de resistance.

Not last night, though.  Last night I was on fight mode.

Maybe it’s the Chinese New Year dragons of fierceness.  Maybe it’s the extra cup of Cafe Lungo I decided to have after dinner because I wanted to be up for writing and creating.  But until after I recorded my 89th attempt at Aerosmith’s I Don’t Wanna Change A Thing (which isn’t happening for some reason) I cozied up to Norah Jones instead.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.  I still do.  I’m listening to it as I’m writing this. ^_^  Can you tell I love me some 100 songs time?

Because it’s time. 😉

I’d love if you leave a comment or two and share the project with others who you think will like listening to one Inartesta’s musings on music and creativity and above all, the love for everything Inarté.

Courage in creativity,
Chiqui Pineda
Toronto, ON

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