That A Word

Strawberries from Ontario and Blueberries from Chile


That word.  We’ve never heard that said back in the day.  If ever we did, it was not often enough that it became mainstream.  I think it’s because back in the days of my childhood in Davao City by the sea – oh, Lord, I feel old! – there were fewer poisons.  

Perhaps, lead and flouride (duh, now we know!)  But definitely fewer.  We had fresher produce. Our cows didn’t have regular super (read: growth hormones) injections. Our chickens actually did the chicken dance, free range style. Now we have overpopulated coops filled with stressed birds that could hardly stand, let alone walk.

Food, Inc.

You’ve probably seen the shows.  We’ve watched the clips, heard about them from friends and features and movies.  Food, Inc. anyone?  Now our grocery shelves are stocked with anti-this and anti-that. In reality, our basic diet is anti-health. 

So while our kids, whether here in the colder North or back home in the warmer South, are getting colds and coughs and allergies way too often, we wonder why and complain about it.  I certainly did in the beginning.  I didn’t know better.  I recently found out the simpler answer: I need to fight back. First with a clear realization of where I am/we are as a family.  (It all starts with Mommy, that’s a fact.)  Then with getting real information so we can move towards where we want and need to go.

Yay, Green 2013! 

So let me say hooray for the Green2013 Revolution!  It’s happening to more and more people.  If it can happen to me, it can happen to you, too!  Hooray to Health!  Hooray, Selfie for choosing to invest in a machine that helps me make better food choices.  

I’m going to shut up now so I can have my McDo Big Mac meal. I’m kidding, I’m kidding! Cheeseburger only.  Just wishful (old) thinking. 😉

Growing up green,
Mary Cathreen


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