Stick-To-It-ness and Happy Monday, Inartéstas!

“Find what works for you and stick to it!” ~ Amanda, Creator of

The Flora Illumina Series
©KatShots Photography, 2010

There’s no denying it.  We live in the myopic age of Attention Deficit Disorder or ADD.  Diagnosed or not, whether we admit it or not, you and I experience it in different degrees.  Many times over in a single day.  Imagine that.  In one day.  One…day…

Now where was I.  Oh, yes.  Short attention span.  Sorry. 🙂  

The world has gotten so very, very fast.  Even faster for us who grew up in the laid-back 70s and 80s without all these gadgets that get upgraded weekly and become obsolete every other hour.  Remember slowly digging in the dirt?  Sigh.  

I’ve learned to pray before any creative task now.  If I go by my own puny non-existent will, it’d be midnight before I get to the page and by then, my brain is mush.  It takes me superhuman brainpower to get any task done, especially if it’s got to do with The Work.

Case in point:  I planned to sit down and write this post at 12:00 noon.  After giving the kids breakfast  (it’s PD Day in these parts) and bonding over funny stories about dreams and nightmares.  Sacred stuff.  All good.  First Job, check!  

But the question remains: Did I really need two hours of puttering?  It is now 2:48pm.    Yes, my office table is dusted and very tidy.  I’ve emptied a couple of bins of its month old rubble.  I’ve had a quick hi-and-goodbye chat with dear friend, Marjo.  While I’m writing this, a quarter of my brain is on the pot roast in the oven and another part is calculating the time it takes to get Oona’s three batches of cookies and Chocolate Cherry Mice project done just in time to get to Mom and Daughter Yoga.


“Why do it then, girlie!?”  

I see my PYS Diva Monster is in the house.  
“Just leave it be.  Chi-i-ill.  (Interesting that the word “ill” is in “chill”.)  Why the battle with the dragon when you could simply bake and sample those cookies and continue with the next episode of Drop Dead Diva?”

Answers HERE.

Good times. Good times.  You see, my dear reader, I share this with you to let you see the underbelly of keeping to one’s true nature.  As hot-guru-mama, Danielle LaPorte shares so eloquently ~  Following your intuition ain’t always an act of grace — it can be a total grind. You will have to burn things. You might sweat, toil and dig dig dig to do what you know must be done. Following your intuition might call on you to do the hardest thing you’ve ever done in your life. 

Like Amanda, the powerhouse behind FridayLoveSong said, it has never been so important to find what works for us and sticking to it.  

Here’s a list of my tried and true.  If I’m able to stick with the program, then my wills are sure to work for that day.  If I don’t, you’re sure to meet Moody Mommy at the door on your visit!  It’s a cycle of give and take.  At the end of the day, everything is, my darling.  

What Works for Me

1)  Writing the Morning Pages
2)  Daily (or best and sincere effort) of morning workout with…
3)  Music.  Must.Have.Music, preferrably the motivating, heart-thumping kind, during the workout.
4)  Creative connections and inspirations.  Taking time to *meet* with them.
5)  The GreenLight Angels.*  Acknowledging them each time I get a pass.
6)  Hugs
7)  Color*full toys, i.e. doodling pages, pens, journals, and Instagram.
8)  Solo Mama Moments.  Weekly.  At the very least.
9)  Sharing.  Courageously and with vulnerability.  One and the same thing, really.
10)  Green smoothie drinks!  Iyou, Vitamix.

And now that I’ve done my part and slayed the dragon of resistance for yet another day, I can continue joy*fully onto my other jobs with ease and grace and less drag.

What works for you?  It’s always good to bring out these tools more often. Listing them down helps.  😘

Wishing you creative ease and stick-to-it-ness,

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