There’s so much you can find when your eyes are open

Oi, my darlings!

A very happy new year to you and yours and a big Hello, 2012!!!

I’m very excited to be writing this first post of the year from Panache Cafe in Lane Crawford, Kowloon. Kowloon as in HONG KONG baby! This being a love/birthday/holiday gift from very generous members from very rich family members…names withheld due to…ok, ok, it’s Mom and Dad (trip to Manila), Leslie and Pet (trip here)!

As my sister Leslie and friends Rowena and Jeff do their shopping, I choose to sit down in this lovely corner of the mall and write because one, my feet are extra sore from all the walking at the Toy, Stationery and other gadgety stuff at the HK Convention Center and two, I don’t have shopping budget na. 😦

I would have attached some fun photos here but because I have not yet discovered the powers of my brand new toy, the iPad2 *insert image of me hugging the bedazzled Apple gadget.  The camera photos that I can’t yet upload which will definitely be coming to this space soon!

I imagine that like me, you just had a most fun-filled holiday with family and friends, food overflowing and waistline bulging with post-celebratory goodness.

I wish you all the best in 2012, my dear friend.  Whether you believe it truly is “The End of The World” or simply “The End of The Old World Ways”, let’s make the most of it anyway.

Peace, love, joy and always ~

Courage in Creativity,

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