what i’ve learned from the 100songs project

my top 3 of the first 20:

#3…because it’s filled with happy pics of my happy loves! 🙂

#2…because it proves to me that even when down in the dark pit, one can still create. 😉

#1…because i love brave and imperfect beginnings. ^_^

my top 3 learnings from the first quarter of the 100songs:

1.  Fail faster.*

I said I would do one imperfect song a day.  Then it became one every two days.  Then once a week.  Now I don’t even know how long it’s been since the last one…three weeks!  Failure in sticking with the original plan.  Used to be I’d be all mopy and discouraged.  Now I’ve learned to be more forgiving, ache a little, justify a bit and move on.  Post something, anything, in this case my very first brave video blog (eeek!) and then rinse and repeat!  The important and most sacred thing is to start, fail and begin again.  And again.

2.  Care not. 

Of course, I’m still human the last time I checked and I do care how I come across/sound/look, etc.  But sometimes, I go back to the old habit of “Perfect na ba siya?”  Of course that never happens so the stuckness syndrome returns.  This is a take on the Zen Buddhist teaching of “non-attachment”.  If it’s good today, okay!  If it isn’t, okay!  Either way, keep singing/writing/sharing/being.  And to remember my first intention always:  I do this because I love this.  Period.  And go.

3.  Put out.

I heard one of my favorite authors just say this:  “Authentic sharing is magnetic.”  Put it all out there.  Sure, we don’t need to show the cellulite-y thighs or the stretch marks in our bellies – though I know some women and men who do that and it’s all good.  I’m (re)learning about vulnerability in sharing, my ever and always life lesson…hello!   It’s the best lesson and the hardest one.  The one that opens us the most.

And always, thank YOU my dear kindred spirit, for dropping by!

Courage in Creativity,

*Thanks, Coach Julie Fleming, for this one.

3 thoughts on “what i’ve learned from the 100songs project

  1. Ate C, I am saying this with so much love and respect- ikaw pa rin ang celebrity "Crush ng Bayan", no doubt! ;)) Thank you for starting a vlog, it is so refreshing! (now I am getting a clear idea of what a "live" jamming would feel and look like.:))I have followed your im.perfect.songs project very closely, and what a coincidence, my number one choices are the same as yours! I just wanted you to know, I'm really proud of what you have done for this project. It may not be a daily post, but, heck…you're doing great! Para sa pagiging alagad natin ng sining. Cheers!

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