019/100: when in doubt, choose red.

For J…because it’s his favorite song.  With love.

019 100 i’ll never love this way again by chiquipineda

10 Trivia Atbp.

1.  I had a nice walk in the rain today.  I brought Joshim’s dessert to school – sliced bananas with whipped cream and chocolate chips…yum! – which I forgot to pack during the crazy morning rush.  This, of course, is the excuse I made up just so I could wear my brand new, super cute, funky pink rain boots which J got me on our last fun Fridate last week.

My Pink Galoshes

2.  I’m writing this on a Tuesday, just after recording song number 19 on my 100im.perfect.songs project.  *Big breath*.  Day 19.  Almost three weeks.  Wow.

3.  Well, I’ve not been doing it daily for a few reasons which I’d like to dissect here.

4.  I love what my friend Joy shared with me during one of our Mastermind Sessions.  She said “How you do one thing is how you do everything.”  Now don’t be pilosopo and take this literally.

5.  The truth to this line lies in that how my attitude is towards one thing tends to be the same for everything.  How I react to a negative situation on a Monday is most like the same way I’ll react to a similar negative situation on a Friday – with seething anger and a whole lot of grumbling – except that Friday’s got Happy Hour.  So it may be slightly different…but I digress.  😀

How I am with projects is the same with how I am with all my other projects.  In a nutshell:  With a big bang, hi energy go, go, go! beginning  and a slow cool down to a not-feeling-too-good scenario, a brief stop and a general feeling of frustration over what I call the Why of the Woe (read: analysis paralysis) and the best part of being in the forties, picking up where I left off.  My coach Julie advises:  “Fail faster.”  Translation:  Do the whole routine, start over, but get to the “pick up” sooner.

6.  Speaking of the forties, if there’s one lesson that repeats itself over and over again, it is:  Attitude determines your altitude.  In other words, it matters more how you react to a situation rather than the actual situation itself.

7.  It took me thiiiis long to come up with #19 because I was forcing, yes – FORCING a song I didn’t care much for except for the impress.them factor.  (And who the heck is this ‘them’ again?  Sigh.)

8.   It was a full orchestra birit (full chest high notes) version of Wind Beneath My Wings, Charice’s version ba naman.  Of course I was making all kinds of grand mistakes everywhere.  I already know I don’t do birit all too well especially since I haven’t been singing much lately.  (Note to self:  Sing more.)

9.  Lesson #1437: In the spirit of singing, I choose songs that are more or less within my range, songs that make me feel comfortable, fit right – it may not come out auto-tune-perfect and, in remembering the purpose of this project is to get comfortable with imperfect.*

10.  I find it interesting how this applies to a whole lot of other life-stuff too like in choosing a career (choose what you like to do!) in choosing a partner (choose someone who makes you feel like you!) in choosing what to wear (choose what makes you look like…ok, maybe some of us need a bit of help in this area.  That would be…me.  LOL)

Found Star
(even on the ground
stars abound!)

It’s a process.  The whole of life is.

Thanks for dropping by, dear one.  Always and ALL WAYS…

Courage in creativity,

2 thoughts on “019/100: when in doubt, choose red.

  1. Super nice rendition of a Dionne Warwick classic…and super sweet dedication to Mr. J! I love this part of coach Julie's advice on trivia #5, "fail faster". Sure there are times when failure is unavoidable, but we shouldn't stay too long within that circle. Reset button kaagad!:) It's 3am and I am sleepless in Seattle. At least, I'll be going to sleep with a beautiful song in my head! LSS while ZZZZ. 🙂

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