14/100: revisiting rain

Tuwing Umuulan At Kapiling Ka
Words & Music: Ryan Cayabyab

And since I’ve been gone for a bit, I’d like to share two songs today.  Yay!

I recorded this beautiful OPM hit song entitled “Tuwing Umulan At Kapiling Ka” (Everytime It Rains and You’re Beside Me…tama ba?) in 2008, right smack middle of winter (hindi siya ulan…isnow siya! πŸ™‚)

This was a special request from my good friends at my Pinoy Kodakero flickr.com community.  An excellent suggestion particularly from our resident chef, Zeetz Jones who happens to love this song.  (Theme song niya?  ^_^)

I didn’t have a proper set-up then so this was recorded straight into my iMac from my Yamaha PSR1500 around midnight while the kids slept.  I didn’t have a microphone either. :p  I was hoping the photos in the slideshow would make up for the low-tech.  LOL.

The fabulous images you see in the video are not mine.  They belong to the very talented, generous and fun flickr peeps, some of whom became friends of mine.  I had the good chance of meeting them in one of the PK Tagaytay meet-ups back in 2009.

So, sa mga mahal kong Kaberks ng PK, salamat sa magagandang ala-ala. (at mga obra!)  Umuulan po dito kaya heto at sentihan time ulit!

Til our next collaboration.  Keep shooting!

Courage in creativity,
Chiqui (aka ikat115 on flickr)

3 thoughts on “14/100: revisiting rain

  1. Wow, sentihan ulit, in the middle of an Indian summer in LA! Good times are always there to remember. I miss those great times in Pinoy Kodakero. Met a lot of friends there, including you, Chiqui. Sige, mamooz, take it away…Zeetz

  2. The sweet memories of PK.:) I am thankful to have known you and Ate Zeetz and many other friends through flickr. (I just realized, may blogger account pala ako kaya pwede akong mag-comment. duh! ;p)) more! more!

  3. Ms Jones and Mr. EE, tara! Revive nating ang PK, FB version. πŸ˜‰ Nakakamiss talaga ang kodakan times na 'yan. Grateful to you, ZJ, for ushering me into the kaberks den! Mavster da Blogger? Go!

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