12/100: and it all began when?

12/100: and it all began by chiquipineda1

Words & Music: Jim Paredes (Thanks, Jim! ;))

Song #12 of the 100im.perfect.songs project.


1)  Song #12 was sung with the pesteng ubo (a bad cough) and in PJ’s too. 🙂  It’s such a gentle arrangement of a lovely song so I went for it.  The multi-talented and legendary Jim Paredes of the Apo Hiking Society is a friend (but I’m still starstruck as ever.  Ano ba hija?!?) not from showbiz but from my one Tubataha Dive week which he and the late Redford White invited me to.  I hope I did the song justice, Jim. :p  I may re-record when I’m feeling much better.  But in the spirit of im.perfect.ion…

2)  Rediscovered this gem via a bunch of minus one CDs – a gift for Tita Fe and Rita – that was supposed to be given last Saturday.  I wasn’t able to make it to the bday celebration and the CDs were sitting on my work table – Charice, Vina Morales and Sarah Geronimo songs – before handing it over.(Sorry, Tita Fe.  Binuksan ko siya! :p)  Happy*accidentally found so many great songs there!  Yay, more for the 100!   This When I Met You version was done by Sarah in her earlier years…I believe 2004.

3)  I did two versions of song #12.  Version 1 sounded very un-GLEE-ful.  Parang tulog at halatang halata ang lowbatt-ness.  LOL.  So I had to amp it up a bit for Version 2.  I’ve been on a The Glee Project marathon since Saturday (watch the whole first season all throughout the weekend til tonight!) and laughed, cried, cheered and LEARNED lesson after lesson on being an artist from and with the whole Glee team.  Love the creators of that show.

4)  Top lesson (re)learned from the show:  More vulnerability please and thank you.  That was what was missing from the first recording.  I hope it came through in #2…without the plema sounds.  Ergk.  And the sablay phrasing and lyrics.  And tentative pauses.  Ahhh…so imperfectly perfect.  Hayluvet!

5)  Completely unrelated to the song but significant to singing…I must MUST begin eating right, to be more conscious of my food.  This painful, energy-draining cough is due to bad eating habits.  Bad eating habits equals low resistance equals ubo at sipon!  Urg.  I’ve been on a junk-filled binge since I got back from Manila last Aug 31.  My excuse:  homesickness.  (Emo-eating daw o!  Translation:  Katakawan.)  Now no more.  Back to fruits, lots more vegetables and precious vitamins and Omega 3 stuff.  Grocery day tomorrow.

6)  It’s getting so very cold here in TO these days.  We started turning on the heat which I don’t really like because it makes the house stuffy and dry.  There goes my skin. 😦

7)  Just spoke with the Hubster J.  and heard great news.  As we speak, another Azimi baby is being born!  WOOHOO.  This time an angel for my bro, Mike (J’s youngest brother) and sister, Daniela.  Welcome to the world, Baby O!  What a wonderful world indeed, more so now that you’re here! ^_^

8)  It feels good to be singing for the 100songs  again!  How long has it been since the last one?  Five days.  EE, wag na manghawa ng flu-ishness ha!  LOL  EE is musicman/pianist/artist/a Mr. Eric Evangelista of the Panaginip (Day 3) and River (Day 11) fame.  He had the ubo’t sipon right before I had mine.  He passed it on to me.  He lives in the U.S.  I’m in Canada.  I therefore conclude germs transmute via garageband.  You know I’m kidding, right?

9) When I Met You reminds me of my U.P. (Diliman) days.  Kasabayan ‘to (in my mixed tape anyway :p) ‘to with Joey Albert’s A Million Miles Away and Basil Valdez’s Ngayon At Kailanman (which my very first boyfriend C used to sing to me on the piano…oooy!)  And the Ikot jeepney rides.  And a ride w/ ‘Bruno’.  Correction: ‘in’ Bruno da truck. 😀  And isaw at fishballs.  By the A.S. steps.  And our very own ‘Glee’ called the Ecosoc choir led by the radiantz Brenzz.  😀 And, and, and!

10)  I’d like to end my imperfect blabberings with this perfect quote from Walt Whitman:  “Re-examine all you have been told…
Dismiss what insults your Soul.”

Courage in creativity,

P.S.  Thanks, Pongsky da Techsky for showing me soundcloud.com! 😉
P.P.S. and Toddster for teaching me the “all in one” key.  Haay, the kindness of friends. 🙂 Love it. 

When I Met You
Words & Music: Jim Paredes
Minus One Arrangement and © Viva Records Corp.

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