On Surviving The Upcoming Winter


While the fire in my throat is still raging, (pesteng ubo!) I thought of sharing something cooler with you today.  (Note to self:  More Vitamin C, Chiqui.  Vitamin C for chimay.  I need a housekeeper.)

I made this on a whim back in 08 – I swear…I was just playing! (aren’t we all…just playing, really? ;)) – with my tiny camera on an early evening walk around the neighborhood.  It was a toss up between sitting by my Loonie Lake to sketch or walk around and take photos of autumn colors.  It was way too cold to sit around immobile so I chose the latter to generate some heat.   

Cabin fever was hitting hard and it always does as winter approaches.  Here in Canada, one gets tempted to stay indoors when the weather gets cold.  Lalu na mga sanay sa init na tulad ko!  Binder.  Dandat.  :p  This I’ve learned after over a decade of being Kanadyan: (as in “Maglinis/luto/laba kanadyan!”)  Push/Force/Kick! yourself out of the house.  Daily.  Even for just 15-20 minutes.  I have the kids’ 3:00PM pick-up time to be thankful for.  I have no choice but to go get them.  I get my fresh air, a bit of exercise and hopefully some sun in the process.  Kulob takes on a different meaning here.  It can literally drive one mad (sa ato pa, buang ba!) if you choose to be indoors too long.

Hope you enjoy the on-a-whim ‘One Autumn Evening in 2008’.  And if you can send me some chicken soup or bulalo, that would be perfect, thank you.


Courage in creativity,

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