When I’m feeling low or less than energetic, I spray some of my favorite cologne (thanks, mumzy!) and remember last summer in Manila and laughing-myself-to-tears silly with my sisters, L and J.  We all got ourselves a bottle each during one of our many sisterhood shopping sprees.

One of our very first photos together, 1978.
Photo by Dad 
Davao City

I’ve been wanting to get some really extravagant lavander soap to use in the shower in the mornings, an idea I got from her.  There’s something about lavender that makes me feel all happy-calm inside.  I am on the hunt for the best one.

My husband J thinks I have the nose of a bloodhound.  I remind him that I am a woman and we all have a keen sense of smell.  He argues that mine is fiercer than others. 

coffee and eggy bits, 2006
© Chiqui Pineda-Azimi

I love the smell of freshly brewed coffee in the morning.  

I love my new Nescafe Dolce Gusto/ Melody 2 by Krups that can rival any of the best coffee places in the world.  I call it my Nescafriend.  ^_^ . Another fun discovery while staying with L during vacation last summer – single-serve makers are better than the pot.  My good old coffeemaker has been sitting idly in one corner of the kitchen for a month now.

I can get instantly transported to another time and place at the whiff of somebody’s perfume, the smell of places like a restaurant or lobby, a corner bakery,

or the latest baking experiment like this banana bread in my kitchen which reminds me of a time in my mom’s kitchen when she used to make all those baked goodies – angel food cake, moist chocolate cake (w/ mayo!) and the ceasar salad made with the freshest ingredients stirred in a wooden bowl with a wooden spoon!

These days, I always light a scented candle in the kitchen first thing in the morning.  It is like my mini meditative moment and welcoming Spirit into my home and my life.

Are you particular about certain scents?  What are you faves?  I’d really like to know.  So many to discover out there!

Next up:  Flavors and Spices!

2 thoughts on “1…2…3….smell!

  1. My favorite thing to do first thing in the morning is to inhale deeply into my son's head while he's still asleep. Bango! And oh you should try making your own bread! From the tangy smell of a sourdough starter to the aroma of bread baking in the oven- heaven! It was truly wonderful to catch up with you Chiqui. Love your aura: it's catching!

  2. Baby smells! I miss that. 🙂 I only have asim smells now from my almost-tweens! LOL. I was just at my soon-to-be-mommy SIL's place last night and as she was giving us the grand tour of their apartment, I was smelling baby smells! I don't know if it was from the newly washed baby clothes or potpourri sachets…but I could have sworn I smelled magic baby dust. Perhaps my colorful imagination playing again. Bread-baking you say: teach me, teacher! Thanks for dropping by, Gretch. Your eyes are bright! 😉

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