011/100: life is like a river

10TriviaAtbp. (w/ some random bits thrown in just because…i’m hungry. :p)

1)  I’m happy to share the photos on this song #11. 

2)  These images – I like to call it my Loonie Lake because of the Canadian Geese (AKA Loons or Loonies) that hang out there – were taken in a span of four years.

3)  It changes from season to season, my Loonie Lake, so magestically.  It doesn’t matter to me that its man-made.  Water is water and I love it.  Sometimes, its magnificence takes my breath away especially when the fog sits there just so or when the light shimmers on the surface.

4)  It’s been a physically and emotionally draining week for this domesticated diva.  (I’m embracing the title fully now, as you can see, and the 3L’s are calling my name as I type as fast as I can…hold your horses, labada!!!  :D)

5)  Prayers go to some beloved family members who are going through a very difficult time.  To MJ and her family.  To SA and his family.  To JF and her dad…to everybody going through challenging times, I pray for peace in your hearts and minds, in God’s mighty name, amen.

6)  I haven’t had breakfast.  It’s 12:15PM.  Ironic because this is the theme song from the iconic movie “Breakfast At Tiffany’s” w/ the legendary Audrey Hepburn.

7)  I want some Chinese take-out but don’t know of a good enough place to call.  

8)  I have two dear friends (who do not wish to be recognized…the buggers!) with guest performances on this project.  I’ll be posting those fun recordings soon.  Such a hoot to have spontaneous sing-alongs here at home.

9)  There’s a quote atop the Music Museum in Greenhills that make me and Leslie laugh ourselves silly.  It’s makes sense and makes no sense all at the same time.  It says:  “Life without music is a mistake.”  Um…yes, MM, I see what you mean.  Music certainly makes life richer, more colorful and an otherwise dull moment more alive.  But, really…a MISTAKE?!  More like a sad thing, if you ask me.  But who’s to say it’s a right or wrong thing?  Where’s the red pen to check or ‘x’ my answer?  Anyway, it’s just one of those off-sounding, sorely juxtaposed word play up on a billboard that, thankfully, in a fun way brightens my day.  And Mumzy’s too.

10.  And yes.  Life without music IS a mistake.  So here’s my part in making it an UN-mistake.

And always…ALL ways ~

Courage in creativity,

Song: MoonRiver
Music by Henry Mancini
Lyrics by Johnny Mercer
Piano Accompaniment by Eric Evangelista

You did it again, Kuya Eric!  (kuya daw o!  LOL)  Thank you from the bottom of my heart, for first suggesting this lovely song and then playing and patiently RE-playing it again to fit my vocal range!  What’s next, Mister Mavster? 😉

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