010/100: RAMAniscing by ChiquiSita


1*  Best showbiz experience ever.
2*  I was starstruck every single day of rehearsal and all-throughout the performances. 
3*  This was my first and last major play.  It happened on the 10th year of being in the business.
4*  A lot of people didn’t understand my “leaving” then.
5*  Most comments were to the tune of “but you’re at the peak of your career and now you’re letting it go?!?”
6*  Life Learning:  Sometimes the Outside doesn’t match the Inside.  And when you’re heart’s not in it…
7*  I was feeling so out of place, burnt-out, disillusioned.  Sometimes show business (or any kind of binis for that matter) can do that.
8*  I do miss the bling-ness of it all – the trappings, the entourage, the yayas,…the illusion.  But my life has its own version of bling now.  One that’s more organic and definitely more genuine in its shine.
9*  And I am struck in a way where I would literally give my heart to the stars of my life.
10*  As the title of the song goes “Sana Siya Na Nga” which translates to “I Hope He’s The One”.  Well,  turns out The One was never out there but in here.  With two, three, four and five completing the circle!

Here’s to you the journey of finding YOU if you haven’t began yet…
And if you have…YOUhoooooooo!!!


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