008/100:all i ask of you-a duet

Hi!  Chiqui Pineda for the 100im.perfect.songs project.

and some Toddbits, too!

1.  This is the first official duet on the 100songs.

2.  Todd has an amazing story to share – one that speaks of the great power of the human spirit.  I’m one of the lucky ones to hear it.  Hope he shares it with you, too.  (Your call, Toddster.;))

3.  This is one of my J’s favorite songs.  The Phantom of The Opera being his favorite musical ever, I’m not surprised.  (How many times did you watch it, hun, 7?!?)  I’ve asked him to let me record and share the duet we made.  He’s still being ‘shy’ about it.  One day…

4.  This was a Take 1 recording.  (Galing mo, Todd!  And don’tchaworry about that “Anywhere you go…” bit.  Anything goes!

5.  After recording, we had painting session pa with matching Nerf bullets flying around, thanks to little J.  In case you haven’t discovered yet, Todd is an excellent painter and doodler, too, having studied art.  But then he stopped.  He’s now beginning to let his artist breathe fresh air again.  Thank Muses for that.

6.  It was lots of fun having a fellow artist jam in on the 100songs for a change!  Change IS good.  (Unless it’s FB tinkering with the features again.  Happening today.  So many unhappy FB’ers, me included.)  I’m thinking of dragging inviting other friends to join in!  Right now I’m imagining some friends sing and plays the guitar so beautifully and soulfully.  (Anna, Darna, Coach Neil?  Are you there? ;))

7.  I love watching plays but don’t do it often enough.  Must pencil it in and make more time for it.

8.  I no longer believe in the “But there’s not enough time.” line.  This is one of the reasons I love the 40’s.  Less capacity for BS- from others and more importantly, from oneself.  😉

9.  I want…need my own car.  The family car is beginning to cough blood. 😦  There’s oil blots on the driveway.  Rainy day came.  Rainy day left.  So what now?  Back to work-y day, that’s what.  Just want to bravely put that one out there.  I can almost see Coach Julie gently and wholeheartedly nodding in agreement.

10.  Grateful beyond words for the gift of Friendship and the icing on the cake, CREATIVE friendships!

Courage in Creativity,

4 thoughts on “008/100:all i ask of you-a duet

  1. Wow, what can I say…This turned out really well except for….errr…regardless, the process and the company made it truly worth it a million times over. It was such great fun! Thank you Ms. Chiqui Pineda for allowing me to invade your studio and encouraging me to do this with you. It is a dream come true, yet again…I got to sing with the legendary, the one and only, Miss Chiqui Pineda. Wow…(still gushing). I am really glad to have found a friend in you and I hope we continue to be such. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I will treasure this forever. Sana maul it muli…teka, di ba kana yun?Todd

  2. "Kana?" You mean 'kanta/awit'."Sana maul it muli?" You mean "Sana Maulit Muli"I see you're taking this imperfection binis to heart! :)))Thank YOU, fellow diva, for trusting me and allowing the extreme encourager (read: bossy até/big sis) to come out and play. Definitely 'mauling' it again, let's bring in more playmates to the Singing Room!!!

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