006/100 : are we listening yet?


1.  I’m actually getting better at this ‘letting go’ business!!!  And if you’re anything like me and have struggled w/ this evil called perfectionism, this is cause for a celebration!  Bravely left all the ‘sablays’ – the flats and sharps, darn cheap earphone noises getting picked up by the microphone (Lee!  I know what you mean now.  Fullylee! LOL  *click-click*)  

2.  Lee, my superfriend and vocal coach gave me this Barbra Streisand version (originally from the play “Into The Woods” by Stephen Sondheim) to sing during one of our lessons.  Lee said the song idea came to him when I was ranting and raving like a loonytuney person on email about my latest parenting fail moment.  I think I went all momster at the poor little bunsoy J over a small thing (which back then seemed like a ‘big’ thing.) 

3.  In true sentimama form, it took me about half a dozen earnest attempts before I could finish this song back then.  I had to desensitize myself in preparation for the concert in which this was Song #8 or 9.  It turned out okay as my three munchsters came up on the stage with me and provided enough distraction while I sang.  Photos here.  (Thanks to Mr. Rene Sevilla)

4.  I had a choice this morning – to power nap or sing.  The obvious choice won.  I feel energized just the same.  😉

5.  I made a mistake saying “Day 7” when it’s only Day 6.  I’m leaving that in, too.  No biggie, as J loves to say.

6.  I got an email from Mr. Mavster (Eric Evangelista of the 100songs’s Kahit Ika’y Panaginip fame :)) which makes me happecstatic!  He’s given me a choice of four very good songs and since I couldn’t make up my mind, I picked all of the above!  Yay, CoLOVE.

7.  I’m going to include old vids, one of which is another collaboration, for the next post.  It’s the very first one I did on Facebook with another amazing young talent, Bobby Leynes who plays the piano like a dream.  Part of that coLove-story HERE.

8.  Meeting a dear friend for some Me-Time lunch today.  The weekend was a tiring one for this 2-childrens’-bday-parties +chauffer services+shopper mama. 

9.  This was the same video which was featured in Putting It Together, The Concert and it contains some of my best and most beloved photographs of my kids and my niece and nephew, too.  God bless and protect all our children!

10.  And may God bless and protect you, my dear friend, and here’s wishing you a God-centered, courageous and creative week!


4 thoughts on “006/100 : are we listening yet?

  1. Gotta be one of my favorites, beautiful! I LOVE the song's message, never heard it before (under a rock?) and I needed to hear this since J is away and am on my own handling the kids now (which is starting to be a 'normal' thing). Yikes, goosebumpy, tear inducing song.

  2. You said it, Myrna! Mas effective when THEY teach. My mom just told me after seeing this post: Having a child/children is one thing, but raising discipline, well bred, intelligent, with sense of proper reason and judgement, mabait, matulungin sa kapwa, magalang at maalalahanin sa mga magulang can be quite daunting, (you as parent) are at wits' end especially with children like you who has a mind of your own even when you were small. ACK.And rinse and repeat!!! Gusto kong matawa at maiyak at the same time. LOL

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