100im.perfect.songs: day004: this too shall pass


1~  This song was inspired by a very dear friend’s relationship story, you know the one where there’s a huge misunderstanding and breaking up and all that drama that we all inevitably go through in one way or another.  It all happened last year.

2~ I wrote this entire song in no more than 30 minutes.  Still brings tears to my eyes when I sing it because it bring back the memories of growing pains…and love.  Oh, the LOVE.  In the end, it’s all that really matters.

3~  It’s 9:31PM.  I’m normally done by mid-afternoon.  But good old Resistance was really strong with this one.  I think it’s because it’s “my” song, my words, my innards! which makes me feel more vulnerable.

4~  As if that wasn’t issue enough, I dared myself to do a Take 1, you know, just for fun (and because I was off by a couple of hours on chores!) and so I left in all the choked-up, cracky, drippy bits which I would have normally edited out.  I am braving emotional honesty and vulnerability. 

5~  Happy thoughts!  Happy thoughts!  I am so happy, so very grateful for the response of friends and fellow artists on this little project I’ve got going here…more collaborations, which I like to call CoLOVEborations.  Because that’s what this is all about if you think about it.

6~  Requests for certain songs and genres are beginning to come in, too!  I like.

7~  Some friends are complaining that they can’t open the link to the songs.  Hmmm…must check up on that.  No, Marjo, you are not tech-challenged.  :p

8~  Yay, Friday na bukas!  I’m so excited to sleep in!  Sleeeeeeep, I love and miss you.

9~  Is it too early to sing Christmas songs?  Ok.  Don’t answer that.

10~  It was so darn cold today when I picked up the kids from school.  We had to wear gloves when we went biking around the block.  Summer is definitely over in these parts. 

Aaaand my day is now over.  And out.  Goodnight, fellow creatives!


2 thoughts on “100im.perfect.songs: day004: this too shall pass

  1. OMG mama! You are so imperfectly great! Gotta check on your previous postings now…kind'a catching up on FB coz I do peeping only and fast scrolling these days. It's my weekend. My weekdays at work begins on Saturday again. Stay happy! <3–Pippi Longstocking (CPN)

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