100 im.perfect.songs; day002: i like someone like you

One fine day at the breakfast table during my summer vacation in Manila ~

Leslie/Mumzy2:  I sent you a song.  Have you checked your Facebook yet?
Me/Mumzy1:  Yup.
L:  Have you heard?
Me:  What?
L:  The song.
Me:  What song?
L:  Oh, so you haven’t gone on FB, have you?
Me:  Yup.
L:  Hay, naku.  Just check it out, k?
Me:  Check what?
L: Mumzy?
Me: Ya?
L:  Here.  Have more coffee.
I love and missssssssshoo (and mamay, daday, zoeygirl, rands, etc.etc.etc.) so much, Mumzy Leslie!  
Thanks for Chadeling with me….always and forever and ever.  Love.
Mumzy/Até C./Chadele #1.


1*  The calling each other Mumzy started when we became moms – first me and then her and then it stuck.  It just felt rightfully fun to call each other that instead of our real names.  Although it kills me everytime someone, when we’d go out shopping or pasyal/hanging out at ATC and people eagerly ask “Daughter mo?!?” referring Leslie my sister who just called me “Mumzy!” being my daugh….ugh!  Makeover!  Makeoverrrrrrr, BILIS!!!  It doesn’t help that Leslie looks years younger than she actually is.  Like…50% off!  Right, Mom…Tita Myrna?  LOL.

2*  We listened to Adele’s songs – and watched the SLY video – a hundred and one times during my vacation (dining table, bedroom, den, living room,  in the van, during our Manila Hotel weekends, by the pool, in the bathroom!…) thus the phrase “Let’s Chadele.” was born.  Chadele, of course, means “to channel Adele.” …and please use your bedroom voice while speaking. 

3*  I learned how to play SLY via YouTube.  I had a baby grand piano – thanks Pet and Les! – to practice on and  I thought it was the coolest thing!  Love YouTube for that.  Love you guys more.

4*  I sang my “Thanks for everything!” songs on the piano on my last day with the Albanos – family, staff and all.  I didn’t have a thank you gift so I gave of my talent instead.  This song, plus my original composition “This Too Shall Pass” and HDYK, of course.  The real gift, of course, was to me.

5*  I almost didn’t share this song.  It’s been six days, almost a whole week, since I’ve said I’ll launch.  I have grand delusions of untruths such as perfectionism, shame, massive resistance, not enoughness and a host of other War of Art issues.

6*  I don’t know how long I’ll be able to keep this up – what with the struggle of birthing the project but I do know one and only one thing:

7*  That I enjoy singing and sharing my songs with others, and that’s the truth.  A Truth.

8*  So for as long as I know (and remember) this, then the project will stay alive and well.

9*  And right now it’s 12:29PM and as I promised my Coach Julie that I’d commit to posting this  by 1:00PM, I’m beginning to feel anxious and my insides are searching for another ‘excuse’ not to.  I have many to choose from.

10*  Resistance is alive.  I acknowledge it.  I move over/under/around it.  The important thing is that I pass through it. 

So here we go!

Courage in creativity,

Chiqui Pineda-Azimi

4 thoughts on “100 im.perfect.songs; day002: i like someone like you

  1. I love Adele but super like your rendition too. I am listening to it right at this instant with "KC"–and she said: "Wow, that's Tita Chiqui? She's great?". And I say, amen to that sister! Cheers to your new project. Keep it going! CPN/

  2. I can't help smiling while reading the conversation between you and leslie, MY beautiful " mumzy's'…It just shows how fond/affectionate you are of each other..I thought its so touching..:] sayang, we were not present at your 'farewell mini-concert'..Everyone who was there for sure enjoyed the experience ..Exclusive.. privileged..Thank you so much for sharing your songs…Make us so proud.

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