Roll With It

Day ten of A Drawing A Day.
So far, so good, so cool that the kids are drawing too!

Here’s The Mommy Series featuring Sol, 10; Oona, 8 and Joshim, 7 doing their impressions of me at the breakfast table today.

Sol is greatly influenced by Jeff Kinney’s work. If you’re familiar with The Diary of A Wimpy Kid series, then you’ll know exactly what I mean.

Joshim is pure Joshim w/ a touch of Kuya. (Sol) He was in a rush to start his “first set” of 30-min video DS games. To keep him from running off and away from us, I made him doodle.

And my ‘art teacher to be’ Oona is pure Oona! Her strokes are and have always been bold and fearless. Just like her. Ooh, look at my plump, collagen-esque lips!

I am so into my daily draws that even “there” (please refer to drawing below) I’m doing it!

Here’s to rockin’ and a ROLLIN’ and creating everyday!


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