one pink shoe_illustration friday #1

I’ve been drawing. A lot. Almost daily which, starting today, July 1, I will attempt to do everyday.

This particular drawing is intended to be for Illustration Friday’s challenge of the week “Remedy”. Drawing by me and coloring by my eight year old girl who loves art as much as I do.

She used her shiny magic markers and said, “Don’t they smell nice, Mommy?!” She then put the brand new pink pair on and continued coloring.

I’m still teetering – my pet dragon of resistance breathing full-force fiery nonsense inside my head: “Not good enough for I.F. if you ask me.” (I didn’t.) “It needs to be really good so it can be worth the post.” (Not really. Anything can be posted as long as it’s original.) “It needs to be spectacular so it’ll be chosen as a feature.” (Um, that would be nice but not necessary.)


It’s my mission to begin the daily draw habit today – fresh sketchbook ready to get cracked open. Ooh, just the thought of starting on page one sends oodless of joozzles up and down my drawing hand.

Oh, and you may be asking how can one pink shoe be a called “remedy”? Retail therapy, baby. Some claim this to be one of the best of quick fixes for feelings of utter despair and ruin. 🙂

Ok, to be completely honest, I don’t use this apparently powerful fix nor believe in its potency much. But the few times that I did, like when I found this amazing bargain – from $110 to $29.95 – all my stresses from preparing for a big performance just miraculously melted awaaaaay…^_^.

This is only my second pair of new shoes this year. The first purchase for 2011 were runners ~

I love how comfortable these are. So much that I drew the ad too. 🙂

Truth be told, journals and sketchbooks, especially if they’re Moleskines, would be my honest-to-goodness best form of retail therapy. And I plan to draw some paperlove next! Just got awesome inspiration from HERE. I adore her pen drawings so, so much…especially this ONE.

Now THAT’S remedy enough for me!

2 thoughts on “one pink shoe_illustration friday #1

  1. Hi Chiqui…I love the pink shoes and the awesome coloring job…and they certainly are a remedy for all..I love the sneaker too..!

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